The Last Phase

BPR relinquished the Presidentship of the Geological Society of India in 2006 to make way for a smooth transition. He was not the one who thought that “after me the deluge,” and saw to it that step by step the different roles he played in administration and publication were slowly passed on to the relatively younger generation of committed persons for the smooth functioning of the Society. However, he continued to take interest in all the activities of the Society and more particularly of the Journal, which was very dear to his heart and which he considered as the most important single contribution of the Geological Society of India to Indian Earth Sciences.

Despite his advancing age and related problems of vision and mobility, he continued his disciplined routine at home and made significant contributions once again to the Golden Jubilee publications of the Society in 2008. BPR expressed “a certain amount of satisfaction” on the achievement of some of the objectives set forth by the founding fathers of the Society in 1958.

He firmly believed that geology is “extremely relevant to science, society and human progress”. He was sadly aware of the lack of interest evinced by the younger generation in Earth Sciences, since other disciplines like information technology and management offered more lucrative careers. BPR desired that the Society play an important role in making Geology a “vital and vibrant discipline in the nation’s life”. He had a vision and a message for Indian Earth Scientists to strive for excellence and to contribute through their labours for the amelioration of the poor in India. He was absolutely convinced that unless we build an equitable and just society with a minimum standard and quality of life for every citizen, we will not be able to face the world with any self-respect.